Tiddleywink Par 3 Golf Course

The aim of the course is to be an intermediary step for beginners and a good short game challenge for established golfers. 

Each hole has been carefully designed to test players of all abilities. All the holes are par 3, and the course should take around 1 hour to play and costs only £7 a round for adults and £5 for children (3-16 years).

Hole Yardages

Hole 1- 55 yards

Hole 2- 40 yards

Hole 3- 82 yards

Hole 4- 102 yards

Hole 5- 75 yards

Hole 6- 68 yards

Hole 7- 84 yards

Hole 8- 74 yards

Hole 9- 80 yards


Over the past 7 weeks during the nationwide lockdown our golf centre has been fully closed and only essential maintenance has been allowed to be carried out on the grounds. This is to keep our staff safe and adhere to all the government restrictions. We have been constantly advised by BIGGA during this time as to what work we are allowed to do to keep the golf centre under control during the lockdown that is both safe for our staff and legal. 
The greens, fairways and tees have been allowed to have limited cuts and basic maintenance during this time, so the height of cut has been kept quite high to keep them healthy. They will remain quite slow for the time being until the normal maintenance regime returns properly. We have been unable to spray for weeds during the lockdown so weed growth across the golf course and weed encroachment onto the greens is very high.

Our bunkers will be slowly brought back into play over the next few weeks after opening. As previously stated we had strict working procedures to abide by and maintenance of bunkers was not considered essential so they have been left during this time.

The entire site has become a little 'rough around the edges' during this lockdown but once more normal working routines are allowed we will slowly be able to get the golf centre back to its normal high standard.

Please bear with us at this tricky time. 

Thank you,

Adam Weal

Head Greenkeeper
Chippenham Golf Centre

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11:00 - 20:00

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09:00 - 18:00



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